English Country Dancing? What’s that?

English Country Dancing is a four hundred year old dance form that first emerged in the very late 16th century. ECD is a form of community dancing, and requires teamwork to bring each dance to life.

Dancers stand in two lines, partners across from each other. In most dances, partners stay together, and are constantly interacting with new neighbors. Through a series of repeated patterns, dancers progress up or down the set.

ECD is most famously known through films of Jane Austen’s work, such as Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility, and Emma.

While historically based, ECD is currently experience a renaissance, with several choreographers actively adding to the repertoire every year.

Is this the same thing as Contradancing or Square Dancing?

While ECD shares some characteristics with contradancing and square dancing, it pre-dates both of those dance forms, and holds its own unique place in the world of community dancing. ECD has an innate elegance, and yet humor is often bubbling just beneath the surface.

I have never danced before; is that okay?

Yes! You don’t need to have any previous dancing experience to enjoy ECD. All dances are carefully taught before being danced, and instructions will be called out while the dance itself is going on. At Set to Music, our goal is for every dancer to feel safe, comfortable, and have a wonderful time at our dances.