The Female Saylor

Feuillet, 1706, reconstructed by Pat Shaw, 1965

Tune: Masters in This Hall


Duple minor longways


A1    1-4    1s lead up through 2s above them, and cast down to place (At very top, lead up through an imaginary couple.)

    5-8    1s lead down through 2s below them, and cast up to place


A2    1-4    1s half-figure eight down through 2s below

    5-8    1s RH turn once around, ending improper and facing down (2s face up)


B1    1-4    All back-to-back with neighbors

    5-8    All two-hand turn with neighbors, opening up to face partner


B2    1-4    All back-to-back with partners

    5-8    1s two-hand turn halfway and cast down, while 2s two-hand turn moving up the middle of the set to their progressed place